Pristine Falls

Waterfall GPS:  34.82190, -83.25664

Water source:  Fall Creek

Height:  Approximately 30 feet

This spectacular waterfall sits on Fall Creek, just above the confluence of Fall Creek and the North Fork of Fall Creek.




Many thanks to Christopher Ryan Cockfield for sharing his info on this one!

Parking: Heading west on Highway 76, turn right onto Chattooga Ridge Road. Drive for approximately 2.1 miles, and turn left onto Fall Creek Road. After approximately .3 mile, turn left to stay on Fall Creek Road. Go approximately .5 mile and park along the side of the road, GPS 34.82275, -83.25078. This is also the parking and trailhead for Andrew Ramey Falls and Fall Creek Falls.

Hike:  From the trailhead, follow the trail to Fall Creek Falls, which passes by Andrew Ramey Falls.  In .6 mile, you will come to the confluence of Fall Creek and the North Fork of Fall Creek.  Make a left here, and follow the logging road .1 mile to the falls.  The descent to the falls is steep.  There is the semblance of a path leading down the creek, but at the final few feet, the descent becomes a bit treacherous and all you have to hold onto are shallowly rooted rhododendron.  You may want to bring a rope to tie off higher up to allow for safer descent/ascent to and from the falls.

Alternatively, you can begin the hike just up the road from where you parked, at an old logging  road/trail at 34.82098, -83.24991.  Follow the path to Pristine Falls, approximately .7 miles one way.

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