Fall Creek Falls

GPS for waterfall:  34.81890, -83.26668

Water source:  Fall Creek

Height:  Approximately 40 feet



Along the way to Fall Creek Falls, you cross the creek just above this small waterfall, which, as of February 2018, is completely covered in overgrowth and downfall:

June 24, 2013 024

Also along the trail, you will find the remains of an old homeplace:

Beyond Fall Creek Falls, there are two other waterfalls before it reaches the Chattooga River.  This is the first of the two, about 15-20 feet high:


The last waterfall on Fall Creek falls into the Chattooga River.  It is a bit hard to photograph, as it is wide, and you’re standing so close to it.  If the water levels are up, you’ll just have to admire this one from the side, unless you’re in the middle of the river.


Parking:  Heading west on Highway 76, turn right onto Chattooga Ridge Road.  Drive for approximately 2.1 miles, and turn left onto Fall Creek Road.  After approximately .3 mile, turn left to stay on Fall Creek Road.  Go approximately .5 mile and park along the side of the road, GPS 34.82275, -83.25078.  This is also the parking and trailhead for Andrew Ramey Falls and Pristine Falls.

Hike:  **As of January 2022, the last few hundred feet of the hike to Fall Creek Falls appears to have been affected by the recent storms.  The trail is sloped and heavily eroded, and if you slip here, there is nothing to catch you until you.  It also appears that there have been several trees fall in the path, adding to the danger/difficulty.  Extreme caution is urged.  (While I do not know what sort of length/difficulty it may add to the hike, it may be safer to climb the ridgeline high above the falls, and drop back down to the trail beyond the falls, past the point of the erosion and downed trees.)**

The hike to Fall Creek Falls is about 1.4 miles one way.  There is a trail the entire way, but it is obscure and difficult to follow in places.  There were two main spots that could cause confusion on my last hike here, in February 2018.  Both of these were within .2 mile from the start of the hike, and in both places, the correct choice was to head right and pick up the more defined trail.  (In the summer months, the dog hobble is sure to overtake the trail in a couple of places!)  After that, the trail was defined enough (and even randomly flagged), that if you take your time, you should be able to follow it without much difficulty.

The hike to the Chattooga River beyond Fall Creek Falls will add approximately .25 mile each way.

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