Howard Creek waterfalls

Howard Creek is a rugged, continuous drop, eventually flowing into Lake Jocassee.  There are many waterfalls on Howard Creek, but access is extremely difficult.  Huge fallen Hemlocks clutter the already incredibly steep terrain, and in places simply reaching the creek itself is an impossible challenge.

This picture was taken by my friend Mark, with his cell phone, on one of our exploratory trips.  This waterfall drops immediately beside the road at the bridge, just before reaching the Bad Creek dam.  This waterfall is maybe 20 feet high.


On a later trip, we aimed a little lower in the creek, and at the 1650′ level, there is this 25-30 foot waterfall:


And this 40-50 footer at the 1590′ mark:


Access to these waterfalls is tricky and potentially dangerous.  The terrain is steep, the rocks are slick, and the brush is thick.  Experience with map reading and off-trail hiking is required.

On the  opposite side of Highway 130, working upstream on Howard Creek, around the 2300′ level, is this 20-foot gem:

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