Norm’s Falls

GPS for waterfall: 34.80672, -83.29559

Water source: Reedy Branch

Waterfall height: 15 feet

Norm Arnold was most likely the original Oconee County waterfall chaser. He did most of his exploring in the 90s, and he carried around a camcorder and videotaped his finds, complete with commentary. When Norm found Hidden Falls, he petitioned the United States Board of Geographic Names to have the waterfall named after himself. They refused, stating that he had to be deceased and/or the falls had to have a long-time association with his name. So, it became Hidden Falls instead.

Norm passed away in 2014. I’m sorry that I never got to meet him in person. I feel like I know him, though, as I had the good fortune a few years ago to come to become the keeper of his precious video tapes from his trips. Norm wrote two small little books that he titled Waterfalls Near Our Home in Keowee Key, SC. Each book contains many waterfalls that he visited, type-written, with directions that all begin from the North Gate, Keowee Key.

Norm, this one’s for you, buddy. I hope you like it.

Parking: Heading west on Highway 76, and park at 34.81085, -83.29071, at the Sumter National Forest sign.

Hike: There is no trail. This hike is not very long, but it does require map reading skills and experience in off-trail hiking.

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