It’s hard to find a list of helpful waterfall resources all in one place.  Here are a few that have helped me along the way.  I hope you find them helpful, too!

  • Norm Arnold’s self-published books, both titled Waterfalls Near Our Home in Keowee Key, SC. One was printed in 1995, and the second in 1997. These can be found at the Oconee County library, in the South Carolina room.
  • Maxie Duke, Sid Ballenger, and John Danner’s self-published book and inspiration for this site, Some Waterfalls, Cascades, and Shoals in Oconee County, South Carolina, published in 1983. This can be found at the Oconee County library in Walhalla, but you have to ask for it. They keep it put away upstairs.
  • For tracking and researching, I use Gaia GPS. These days the USGS 3DEP Viewer has been a handy tool for research. Find it here:
  • Thomas King’s 2014 edition of Waterfall Hikes of Upstate South Carolina.  He is working on a new edition that should be published in 2019.
  • To research the private property boundaries, use the Oconee County Board of Assessors Interactive Parcel Map.
  • Rich Stevenson gives excellent directions to many Oconee waterfalls on his website,
  • The South Carolina Trails page is a great resource for trail directions.
  • Melissa Watson’s 2011 Hiking Waterfalls in Georgia and South Carolina: A Guide to the States’ Best Waterfall Hikes is another great resource.
  • While he does most of his hiking in Georgia these days, Bernie Boyer has been an invaluable source of information.  Bernie’s a legend (truly!) when it comes to North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia waterfalls, and it’s a privilege to call him my friend.  There isn’t much about Oconee County in his blog, but there are a couple of recent entries, when I’ve managed to convince him to head this way and hike with me.  Visit his blog here.

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