Limber Pole Creek waterfalls

There are several waterfalls on Limber Pole Creek, none of which have trails, so being skilled in map reading and off trail hiking are required. These ones are all accessed from Highway 130.

This one is located at the 1760′ level, GPS 34.99409, -83.02273. It may be about 40-45 feet in total, but you can only see the lower 30 feet or so from the base. It’s a beauty!

Around the 1870′ mark, this drop is closest to Highway 130. It’s a big one, probably 70-80 feet high. GPS 34.99500, -83.02445.

And this one, at the 2060′ mark, is really quite pretty, perhaps 30-40 feet high. GPS 34.99542, -83.0274.

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