Battle Creek Falls

GPS for waterfall:  34.71169, -83.34092

Water source:  Battle Creek

Height:  Approximately 80-90 feet


There is no way to get the entirety of Battle Creek Falls in one photograph.  There is more above and below what is shown here.  It is one of the most awe-inspiring places in Oconee County.  Everything here is big!


This is a view of the falls from further downstream:


Along the way, we found some old remains from the logging era:


Park:  Going west on Highway 76, turn left onto Damascus Church Road.  Continue on Damascus Church Road (keeping right at Chattooga Belle Farms), continuing on after it turns to gravel.  Turn onto the first dirt road to the right after you pass Whispering Wind Trail (a private drive).  Follow this road to the end, where there is space to park, GPS 34.71117, -83.33101.

Hike:  This hike is roughly 2.5 miles round trip, depending on your route.  Map reading skills and experience in off-trail hiking are required.  This hike follows a maze of what used to be logging roads before it descends very steeply down the mountainside.

Begin the hike on the road that is not gated. After about .4 of a mile, the road will split (34.707078, -83.33465).  Go right here.  Continue to follow the logging road, navigating around the downfall.  At 34.70776, -83.33564, you will want to turn right and head uphill.  Once upon a time, it was another logging road, but now it’s just grown up.  Pick your way up the hill and you will end up at the intersection of another logging road (34.70816, -83.33593).  Go left here.  The road ends and intersects with another logging road (34.070755, -83.33705).  You will want to go right here.  This road will split – stay to the right (34.70811, -83.33839).  When you’ve hiked around 1.1 miles roughly, the road will split again (34.71203, -83.33844).  Go left.  At this point it becomes more of a trail as the road ends.  As you reach the top of the ridge, the sound of the waterfall is clear.  Begin the very steep descent down to Battle Creek at 34.71238, -83.34016.  It is approximately .1 of a mile to the base of the falls.  It will be tempting to descend sooner in the ravine, which may be fine for a short distance.  However, the closer you get to the falls, the terrain becomes a vertical rock cliff, and you will be forced to head to the right of the ravine.

Immediately above Battle Creek Falls is a drop of at least 30 feet through a slot canyon, which can be viewed by continuing uphill on the trail instead of making the descent to Battle Creek Falls.  The terrain here is so incredibly steep and cliffy that it is impossible to safely get close for a decent photograph.  Getting too close to the edge and slipping here would mean a very painful death.  But, for completeness in documenting the waterfalls of Oconee County, here is what I managed to get of this upper falls through the trees: