Mountain Grove Falls

Water source:  Mill Creek

GPS for waterfall:  34.79856, -83.22077

Height:  Approximately 50 feet

This waterfall is on the Mill Creek that flows into the Chauga.  Since there is already a Mill Creek Falls, I am calling this waterfall Mountain Grove Falls.  This waterfall is upstream from the falls found on an earlier exploratory hike, which can be seen here.

This waterfall is at minimum 50 feet high.  The first photo is from a trip in June 2018, after recent heavy rainfall.  The other photos are from a previous trip in November 2017.


There is approximately 10 feet above this that isn’t visible from the base, pictured here:


Parking:  Go north on Highway 28 and turn left on Whetstone Road.  At .6 mile, turn left onto Cassidy Bridge Road.  Drive for approximately 6 miles and park at or near Mountain Grove Baptist Church, GPS 34.79546, -83.22284.

Hike:  Experience with off-trail hiking and map reading is required.  The hike is approximately .5 mile one way.  The terrain is steep in places, and I found it was easiest to follow the ridgeline and cross over to river left at 34.79779, -83.22002.  From there, it’s a simple hike upstream to the falls.


This 20-25 foot waterfall is immediately upstream from Mountain Grove Falls, which I am referring to as Upper Mountain Grove Falls.  There is approximately 5-10 feet below what is pictured here, as there was no safe way to get a photo of the entire falls, and the distance view from the ridgeline is overgrown with rhododendron.


**From my review of the Oconee GIS map, there is a private property boundary just above Upper Mountain Grove Falls. It’s not posted, but please be mindful when you visit this waterfall that it is very close to a private property boundary. As with all places in nature that you visit, please be respectful of the land, try not to disturb fragile vegetation, and leave things better than you found them.

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