Mill Creek waterfalls

Water source:  Mill Creek

There are three Mill Creeks in Oconee County.  One empties into Lake Jocassee at Mill Creek Falls.  One flows into the confluence of Burgess Creek and Little River.  And the last one flows into the Chauga River.  The falls pictured here are from an exploratory hike of the lower section of the Mill Creek that flows into the Chauga.  I explored the upper section of Mill Creek on another hike.  See Mountain Grove Falls and Upper Mountain Grove Falls for more information.

Hike along the fisherman’s path on the Chauga for approximately .4 mile, where Mill Creek comes in.  From there, it is a creekwalk/bushwhack upstream, finding the best way.  There is no trail, and the terrain here is quite unforgiving.  Experience in map reading and off-trail hiking is required for this hike.

The first waterfall on Mill Creek is about 25 feet in total, but there’s not anywhere to go for good photos.  This photo was taken about 10 feet up, so the bottom of the waterfall is not pictured.  It is the most photogenic of the waterfalls on the lower portion of Mill Creek.


Not far upstream is a stair-step series of small waterfalls, which I’m considering as one whole waterfall, since there was not a significant break between the individual falls to consider them separately.  Lots of rhododendrons and the slope of the creek makes it impossible to get the entire series in one photo.  I’ve pictured them here from top to bottom.  The top section was the most cluttered.




Parking:  For this lower section of Mill Creek, head north on Highway 28 and turn left on Whetstone Road.  At .6 mile, turn left onto Cassidy Bridge Road.  Drive for approximately 4.9 miles and turn right into the parking area, immediately after crossing the bridge, GPS 34.7879, -83.21088.


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