Hidden Paradise Falls

Waterfall GPS:  34.77801, -83.28924

Water source:  Southern tributary to Long Creek

Height:  Approximately 20-25 feet



Parking:  Going west on Highway 76, turn left onto Damascus Church Road.  When the road splits with Battle Creek road, go right, staying on the paved road.  Drive for 1.3 miles and park along the side of the road where it is safe, near GPS 34.76788, -83.29076.  This is the same parking for Upper Long Creek Falls and Middle Long Creek Falls.

Hike:  Experience with map reading and off trail hiking are required for this hike.  Just down the road from the parking spot, there is a logging road that leads into the meadow and up to the top of the ridge.  The road is fairly clear, though in the summer it can become overgrown with briars.  At the top of the ridge, there is a burned section.  From here, it’s a matter of finding your own way.  Descend the ridge and head towards the right, in the direction of the tributary, and find a safe way to descend to the base of the falls.

Christopher Ryan Cockfield gave this waterfall its name.

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