Middle Long Creek Falls

GPS for waterfall:  34.78080, -83.29327

Water source:  Long Creek

Height:  Approximately 18-20 feet


Parking: Going west on Highway 76, turn left onto Damascus Church Road. When the road splits with Battle Creek Road, go right, staying on the paved road. Drive for 1.3 miles and park along the side of the road where it is safe, near GPS 34.76788, -83.29076.  This is the same parking for Upper Long Creek Falls.




Hike: Experience with map reading and off trail hiking are required for this hike.  From the parking spot, there is a logging road that leads into the meadow and up to the top of the ridge. In the summer of 2016, it was nearly impossible to navigate the high weeds, and finding the road wasn’t an option. In February of 2018, the road was clear, and it was easy walking. At the top of the ridge, there is a burned section. From here, it’s a matter of finding your best way.  Staying high along the ridges is easiest, until you get to around GPS 34.77875, -83.29130.  Descend here, and find a safe place to cross Long Creek, at or around GPS 34.77896, -83.29087.  There is no safe way down from river left – it’s all cliffs and vertical rock wall. Once you cross Long Creek, proceed downstream, passing by Upper Long Creek Falls along the way, and find a spot to safely descend slightly below the falls. This hike is a little over 2 miles round trip, depending on your route.

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