Cantrell Creek waterfalls

GPS for large waterfall:  34.94755, -83.06718

Water source:  Cantrell Creek

Cantrell Creek has a very large, probably 90-foot high waterfall on it.  The problem is, the hike is brutal, and there’s not much water, so it’s not really worth it.  Along the way, there are a couple of smaller, 20-foot waterfalls, which are all but covered up in downfall.

Here is the large waterfall:


And the two smaller ones:

And, if that’s not enough to depress you, there’s a 50-footer on the tributary that runs into Cantrell Creek, and it is completely overgrown, minus a tiny little spot of falling water along the side:

Tributary of Cantrell Creek (7)

Needless to say, Cantrell Creek does not make it to the top of the favorites list!

There is no trail to the waterfalls on Cantrell Creek.  Only those experienced in off-trail hiking and map reading should attempt this hike.

Park:  Heading north on Highway 107 for approximately 9.3 miles, park on the right at the gated forest service road, GPS 34.95094, -83.08837.  This is also the parking area and trailhead for Moody Creek waterfalls.

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