Moody Creek waterfalls

GPS for parking:  34.95094, -83.08837

GPS for first waterfall:  34.94860, -83.08103

Water source:  Moody Creek

Moody Creek is a waterfall lover’s dream, with drop after drop after drop.  It is very tough, however, and only experienced hikers should even attempt it, as the terrain is very rough, steep, and unforgiving.

Unfortunately, in most of the waterfalls on Moody Creek, there is nowhere to go to get decent pictures, and there’s the problem of downfall in places.

This is the left side of the first waterfall.  It’s not very high, but the water splits and falls over both sides of the middle, which is impossible to photograph.


Next is the biggest, main waterfall on Moody Creek, approximately 50 feet high.  From the very bottom, it looks like this:


From mid-way up, the main waterfall looks like this:


The third waterfall, about 20 feet high:


Reaching the next waterfall requires descending the steep mountainside.


The bottom of the steep slide shown above ends in a small, scenic cascade:


The next 20-foot drop is probably the most photogenic of all the waterfalls on Moody Creek.


The next 15-foot drop:


And this final drop where we stopped exploring was so wide there was no way to get it in a single shot, besides the fact that we were standing right on top of it.  This drop was probably 30 or 40 feet high.


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