White Rock Creek waterfalls

White Rock Creek is home to some outstanding waterfalls.  As is the case with so many of the waterfalls in Oconee County, this creek is one that requires experience in off-trail hiking and map reading.  The terrain here is incredibly steep and slick, and extreme caution is necessary.

At 34.96989, -83.06817 is a monster waterfall, of which only about the top 20-25 feet is photographable.  There is a LOT of falling water below this picture, covered in overgrowth and downfall, and the briars and thorns here are thick and unforgiving.


Heading downstream this is the next one, roughly 50 feet +, at 34.96915, -83.06748.  The rocks here were impressive.



Although this one is definitely not the tallest waterfall on White Rock Creek, it may be the prettiest, at 34.96847, -83.06689.



Beyond this point, the creek becomes a series of slides, which are mostly covered in overgrowth.  This portion was visible from mid-creek, at 34.96734, -83.06554:


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