Wash Branch Falls

GPS for waterfall:  34.92014, -83.09360

Water source:  Wash Branch

Height:  approximately 45 feet


Parking:  Going north on Highway 107, turn right onto Cheohee Road, also known as Winding Stairs Road.  This is approximately 6.2 miles from where Highway 28 and Highway 107 split.  Drive on Cheohee Road for approximately 1.6 miles, and park at 34.92134, -83.09418.

Hike:  The hike is a bushwhack that descends 300 feet down the mountainside towards the sound of the waterfall.  Experience with topographical maps and off-trail hiking is recommended.

Just below Wash Branch Falls is this 15-18 footer, which I’m going to refer to as Lower Wash Branch Falls (34.92017, -83.09207).  The lighting wasn’t great for photos, but this little waterfall has some character! Experience in off-trail hiking and bushwhacking is required for this one. Approach from the bottom, so you don’t risk slipping and falling from the brink.


There’s not much else to be found on Wash Branch.  Just below Lower Wash Branch Falls is a little mini slot canyon that would be very scenic if it didn’t have fallen logs all around it.


And further down the creek, around the 1265′ level, is a small, generic, maybe 12-foot falls.


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