Skookum Falls

GPS for waterfall:  34.80448, -83.17703

Water source:  Bone Camp Creek

Height:  Approximately 35 feet


Skookum is a word that means strength, power, or excellent quality.  This waterfall certainly fits those descriptions, so when I found it, and couldn’t find it documented elsewhere, I dubbed it Skookum Falls.  There is no trail to Skookum Falls.  It is a bushwhack through the forest and a lot of deadfall near the creek.  Only those experienced with off-trail hiking and map reading should attempt to visit these falls.

Along the way, you’ll pass this small 15-20 footer:


*As of December 2018, Skookum Falls is completely covered in downfall as a result of a recent winter storm.

Parking:  Going north on Highway 28, turn left onto Whetstone Road.  In approximately .7 mile, turn left onto Cassidy Bridge Road.  Drive approximately 2.9 miles and turn left onto FS 738, Bone Camp Road.  At the split, take a right to stay on FS 738.  In about .2 mile, park in the small pull-off on the right side of the road.  The GPS is 34.80558, -83.18290.

Hike:  From the car, head towards Bone Camp Creek and work your way upstream.  It is easiest to stay high above the thick rhododendrons until you reach the falls where you need to descend, which should be around 34.80442, -83.17783.    Depending on your route, you should reach Skookum Falls in approximately .6 mile.

*From my review of the Oconee GIS map, private property begins at the top of Skookum Falls.  It’s not posted, but please be mindful when you visit this waterfall that it is very close to a private property boundary.  As with all places in nature that you visit, please be respectful of the land, try not to disturb fragile vegetation, and leave things better than you found them.

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