Riley Moore Falls

GPS for waterfall:  34.74134, -83.17941

Water source:  Chauga River

Height:  approximately 15 feet


Parking:  Heading west on Highway 76, turn right onto Cobb Bridge Road.  Stay on Cobb Bridge Road for approximately 4.5 miles.  Turn right onto Spy Rock Road, FS 748.  In approximately 1.8 miles, you will see the road and parking for Riley Moore Falls, GPS 34.73978, -83.18998.  If you are in a high clearance vehicle, you can drive up the road to Riley Moore an additional .5 mile and park in the parking area.

Hike:  Depending on where you park, the hike to Riley Moore Falls is either 1.1 miles or 2.2 miles, along a maintained trail.

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