Raines Mill and Falls

GPS for mill:  34.81667, -83.24933

Water source:  Fall Creek


This was once a grist mill that also provided hydroelectric power for the nearby Long Creek Academy.


Immediately above this small cascade is a larger 15-20 foot stair step falls, which I am going to refer to as Raines Mill Falls, photographed here from the base and from the middle:

*As of July 2020, the renovations to the mill continue. There is a house being built in the vicinity of the mill. There are currently no No Trespassing signs up, and nothing to indicate that visitors aren’t permitted. If you choose to visit, please be respectful of the property.

*As of August of 2018, this property is owned by Raines Mill LLC.  There is some heavy duty work going on in here to restore the mill, so if you visit, use caution.  The owners have posted a link online for people to help contribute to the restoration, which happened to be shared with me by a completely neutral third party.  I’m sharing here not only for the historical information provided, but also in the event that someone would like to contribute.  Visit their site here.

Parking:  Going south on Highway 76, turn right onto Chattooga Ridge Road.  At approximately 2.1 miles, turn left onto Fall Creek Road.  In about .3 mile, park on the left, near the gate for the old logging road, GPS 34.81750, -83.24559.

Hike:  From the parking area, the hike to the mill and falls is approximately .25 mile.  There is a logging road that forks to the left, but you will want to stay straight, heading towards the creek and the picnic shelter that is near the mill.

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