Prospector Falls

GPS of waterfall:  34.92789, -83.09055

Water source:  Crane Creek

Height:  approximately 20 feet


Prospector Falls was given its name by Scott McGaha, and he tells the story:  “When I first explored this area, I was moving some debris from around the bottom of the falls when I heard something.  I looked up, and there comes this guy down the left side of the falls.  He has on rubber boots duct-taped to his pants, a shovel, and some other items.  He began to tell me how he liked to get out in the middle of nowhere like this and pan for gold, hence the name Prospector Falls.”

Also on Crane Creek, you will find Deadfall Falls, Crane Creek Falls, Yellow Jacket Falls, Secret Falls, and Lower Crane Creek Falls.

Parking for these falls would depend on how you approach the hike.  There is parking at Lower Crane Creek Falls, and there is parking at the main Winding Stairs trail (see Miuka Falls).  Crane Creek also flows underneath Highway 107, and there is a pull-off there.  All of the waterfalls on Crane Creek are extremely difficult to reach (with the exception of Lower Crane Creek Falls) and should not be attempted by anyone who does not have a lot of experience in off-trail hiking and map reading.

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