Opossum Creek Falls

GPS for waterfall:  34.75694, -83.31380

Water source:  Opossum Creek

Height:  approximately 70-80 feet total

The lower section of Opossum Creek Falls is approximately 30 feet high.  Depending on the time of year that you go and the overgrowth of the trees above, the upper section may also be visible from the base.



The upper section of Opossum Creek Falls is simply spectacular.  There is a scramble path on river right that leads to the upper section.  It’s a little dicey in a spot or two getting up there, so only experienced hikers and those comfortable with climbing and heights should attempt it.


Parking:  Heading west on Highway 76, turn left onto Damascus Church Road, which continues to the right past Chattooga Belle Farms.  Approximately 1.8 miles from the intersection, turn right onto Turkey Ridge Road.  Drive for approximately 2.3 miles to the trailhead, GPS 34.773594, -83.304718.  The is the same parking and trailhead for Camp Branch Falls.

Hike:  The hike to Opossum Creek Fall is 5 miles round trip, mostly downhill going in and mostly uphill on the way out.  The trail is well marked.

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