Long Creek Falls

GPS for waterfall:  34.78556, -83.32258

Water source:  Long Creek

Height:  Approximately 25 feet


With less water, from downstream a bit:


Park:  Going west on Highway 76, turn left onto Damascus Church Road.  Continue on Damascus Church Road (keeping right at Chattooga Belle Farms) for approximately 1.8 miles to Turkey Ridge Road on the right.  Drive down Turkey Ridge Road for approximately 2.9 miles.  Park in the semi-circle at the end of the road, GPS  34.77755, -83.31220.  This is also the parking area and trailhead for Homer’s Falls.

Hike:  The hike to Long Creek Falls is roughly 3.3 to 3.5 miles round trip.  It begins as logging road, then becomes trail.  On my last hike here in March of 2019, the trail was flagged, and the trees in the trail had been cut, so there was nothing blocking the path.  Hike the trail to the end, where it becomes overgrown straight ahead, and there is an obvious path leading downhill to the river.  There is an obvious path before this along the way that is tempting to take – don’t!  It’s steep and doesn’t get you anywhere.  There were a few big sticks laid across it last time I was here, I assume in an attempt to let you know this is not the way to go.

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