Hurricane Falls

GPS for waterfall:  34.77444, -83.14452

Water source:  Unnamed tributary

Height:  Approximately 30 feet


Hurricane Falls has a unique amphitheater, with the rock wall circling the area around the falls.


Pass by Lower Hurricane Falls on the way, a stunning 20-foot waterfall:


There is no trail to these waterfalls.  Only those experienced in map reading and off-trail hiking should attempt to visit these waterfalls.

There is also a significant waterfall above Hurricane Falls.  It’s impossible to photograph it, however, since it’s quite inaccessible because of the terrain.

*As of April 2018, there is an abundance of downfall around Hurricane Falls, and along the trek to the falls.

Parking:  Going north on Highway 28, turn left onto Whetstone Road.  In approximately .7 mile, turn left onto Cassidy Bridge Road.  Drive approximately .9 mile, and turn left onto Rich Mountain Road (FS 744).  In approximately 2.3 miles, park along the side of the road, GPS 34.77575, -83.15071.

Hike:  The hike to Hurricane Falls is about 1.2 miles round trip.  It would be incredibly easy to get lost here, and very easy to get hurt around all the fallen trees.  Extreme caution should be used.  The hike begins from where you parked, descending down the remnants of an old logging road.  As of April 2018, the route was flagged, but it’s safe to assume those flags won’t last very long.

It is impossible to give turn-by-turn directions to these falls, since it is all off-trail, and you’re left to find your best way.  Here are few waypoints along the way, so you know you’re headed in the right direction:

At 34.77585, -83.14963, you’ll want to head left and descend down the mountainside.  Make a left at the bottom of the ravine, 34.77580, -83.14870.  At 34.77628, -83.14816, you’ll cross over the tributary, following what used to be an old logging road.  At around 34.77681, -83.14602, you’ll want to leave the logging road and head downhill and slightly left.  There is one more tributary crossing at 34.77669, -83.14526.

Once you make it to the creek, follow it upstream to the lower falls.  As of April 2018, the easiest way was to stay on the river right side of the creek and follow the animal path upstream.  At the lower falls, you will want to climb up the drainage on the river left side to get above the falls, and continue to Hurricane Falls.

It is also possible to access Hurricane Falls from above, passing by the waterfall above Hurricane along the way.  The bushwhack isn’t any less intense going this direction, however, but with knowledge in map reading and lots of experience in off-trail hiking, it can be done.


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