Fall Creek Road waterfalls

There are two tributaries just off of Fall Creek Road, that together flow into the Chattooga. These are typically lower flow tributaries, and the waterfalls are all either overgrown or covered in downfall, so I’m not giving any of them full listings, but including them here for documentation purposes. While there is a trail off the road that you can follow for a bit, bushwhacking is required to reach these falls, and map reading and off-trail hiking experience is necessary. Park at the road split of Fall Creek Road and Turpin Branch Road, GPS 34.83617, -83.25381.

At 34.84202, -83.25214, the waterfall is multi-level, but because of the overgrowth, you can only see it in sections:

At 34.84253, -83.25238:

At 34.84127, -83.24644:

At 34.84097, -83.24587:

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