Double Branch Falls

GPS for waterfall:  34.78671, -83.22407

Water source:  Double Branch

Height:  Approximately 50-60 feet in total


This is the upper 30-35 feet of Double Branch Falls.  Between the deadfall and the steep banks, there is no safe place to photograph the lower portion of these falls.  Here is a view looking downstream from the base of the upper section:


While this hike is short, it is very steep.  Approaching this falls from downstream is much harder than the steeper, more direct approach, as the entire area below is covered with fallen trees, making navigation difficult, and potentially dangerous.  Only those experienced in map reading and off-trail hiking should attempt this hike.

Parking:  Going north on Highway 28, turn left onto Whetstone Road.  In approximately .7 mile, turn left onto Cassidy Bridge Road.  Drive for approximately 6.7 miles, and turn left onto Double Branch Road.  Go for about .7 mile, and find a wide enough place to park along the road, at or near GPS 34.78603, -83.22638.

Hike:  The hike from the parking spot is only about .10 mile, but it very, very steep.  Extreme caution should be used.  Approaching from downstream is somewhat less steep, but is extremely difficult due to the number of fallen trees.

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