Disappearing Falls

GPS for waterfall:  34.87824, -83.09464

Water source:  Unnamed tributary

Height:  Approximately 15 feet


Disappearing Falls was discovered and named by Norm Arnold. He named it Disappearing Falls because the water falls from the rock and does not flow into a creek or stream, but seeps underground and disappears.

Parking: There are two options for parking. The first is to park at the Oconee State Park, in the parking area for the Foothills Trail. The second is to continue north on Highway 107, and turn right onto Tower Road, then turn immediately right onto the forest service Road. Follow this road for approximately a mile, where there is a gate across the road. To the right is another gated road, and you will want to park here, being sure to not block the gate, GPS 34.87568, -83.09963.  This is also the parking and trailheads for Hidden Falls.

Hike: From the forest service road, the hike will begin beyond the gate, and make a left downhill, following the trail. From this point, the hike is approximately .8 miles round trip.

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