Blueless Falls

GPS for waterfall:  34.77490, -83.29670

Water source:  Unmapped stream

Height:  approximately 50-60 feet in total; approximately 35-40 visible from base

While I’m not entirely certain who gave Blueless Falls its name, I believe the name stems from the fact that the stream it’s on is not on the map.  Regardless of its name, this waterfall is truly remarkable.  Three distinct drops in the lower section, with such a fascinating rock structure.  I am certain that in the summer and in dry times, this one has much less water, but the geology here is so stunning it’s worth seeing even if it were completely dry.



And an upper, 12-foot drop that you can’t see from the base that is beautiful in its own right.  Depending on how you count waterfalls, you may choose to call these two separate falls, but since there is so little real estate between them, I’m considering it one big drop.


Just a little further upstream is a small, scenic 8-foot drop.


Parking:  Heading west on Highway 76, turn left onto Damascus Church Road, which continues to the right past Chattooga Belle Farms.  Approximately 1.8 miles from the intersection, turn right onto Turkey Ridge Road.  Drive for approximately 2 miles and park in the pull-out to the right, GPS 34.77324, -83.30035.

Hike:  The hike is short, but does require some off-trail experience.  From where you parked, instead of following the road, you will want to head down the center of the ravine.  It does have a lot of briars in the summer, so beware.  Following the ravine will lead you directly to the falls.  Alternatively, you can follow the road where you parked a short ways, and then make a sharp left on the road cut for the controlled burn in the area.  Follow this road until you get near the stream, cross the stream at the small 8-foot falls, and work down to the bottom.  Either route shouldn’t be more than half a mile one way.

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