Bee Cove Falls

GPS for section 1:  34.97488, -83.05298

Water source:  Bee Creek

Height:  Section 1, approximately 40 feet

Bee Cove Falls is comprised of series of four separate waterfalls.  The trail is nearly 5 miles round-trip, and consists of logging roads, which then become steep and narrow trails to each of the four sections.  For Bee Cove Falls to look its best, it needs a long period of heavy rain.

Shown below is the 1st section of Bee Cove Falls.  To show the difference in water levels, the pic on the left is from January, 2017; on the right, from August, 2013, after heavy rains the month of  July.

DSC_0028                  August 19, 2013 004

A profile view of section 2, which is approximately 30 feet high:


Section 3, from river right (approximately 40 feet in total; this photo is from around the middle of the falls):


And finally, section 4, which is around 20 feet high:


Beyond section 4, Bee Creek descends steeply down the mountainside and meets Wilson Creek.

Park:  Heading north on Highway 107 for approximately 12 miles, park on the right at FS702, GPS 34.98233, -83.06224.

See the Resources page for information on where to find trail directions to this waterfall.




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